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Please see attached example of an electronic Proof of Grade (POG) and Proof of Zip (POZ) Team Folder.

FCYBL is moving to streamline the verification and registration process by having the clubs prepare these electronically.

Parents can snap a pic of the documents or scan and email to their coach.

If you have already started the process using hard copy you may bring those; the electronic version is not a requirement yet.


Each coach will prepare his/her documentation and submit to their rep in a folder named for that team with club/league; i.e. “BRYC G6”

It’s easier to send the folders as zip files; right-click on the folder with all the documents inside, “send to” and “Compressed (zipped) folder”

Reps will place all team folders on a CD or flash drive and bring to the meeting in November where we will make the customary trades to the other reps for verification.

NOTE: We are requiring ALL coaches and players to be registered at the FCYBL website and to have that roster included as part of each team’s folder.

There will be a separate email from FCYBL with the player registration link.

 The 2 samples for POG and POZ have explanations on each to make it easier for the parents if you want to forward to them.

Start pressing your coaches for these now to avoid last-minute delays!

 Please contact me for any questions,


Stew Clark

Adobe PDF file SAmple report card - utility bill *- Sample documentation using report card - utility bill   

Adobe PDF file Sample roster *- Sample roster from Teams>roster>full   

Adobe PDF file Sample SIS parent vue POG - POZ *- Sample documentation using FFX parent vue   

Adobe PDF file Team zip codes - sample *