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FCYBL Mission Statement and Operations

FCYBL Mission Statement
The Fairfax County Youth Basketball League is a not-for-profit organization comprised of 29 registered member youth clubs and recreation centers.  It exists to enable the youth of its member organizations to learn, grow, and develop skills via basketball competition by playing on their neighborhood teams.  The administrators, coaches, parents, and spectators should never lose focus that the main objective is to promote sportsmanship, integrity, and fairness that serves the best interests of the overall majority of the children who participate in our program.

FCYBL Operation
FCYBL provides rules, gym space, electronic clocks and scorebooks, professional officiating, a thirteen game schedule, regular season trophies, most valuable player award, most valuable coach award, post-season tournament, tournament trophies, championship game MVP, and All League Teams.  Each FCYBL rule is in place to support the League's mission and the integrity of the operation of the League. 

For more information about the League, contact your youth organization's FCYBL Representative.   Click here for a listing of FCYBL Representatives on the FCBYL Council.

Last Udpated:  December 16, 2010.