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Finding a Team's Schedule


To see the schedule for a particular team (or division or all teams), click on "Schedules Scores & Standings" from the horizontal menu bar at the top of any page.

Once there, first select "Schedule" from the vertical menu bar on the left side of the page and 2010-2011 as the season on the left-most drop down menu.  Next, select the desired Division from the middle drop down menu (e.g., Girls' 11-Under Division 2) and select the desired Team from the far right drop down menu. 

To view the schedule for an entire division, select the division from the middle drop-down menu and for the team, choose the top option, titled "Select".

For a more complete guide on how to use this website for your comprehsive source for Schedules, Scores and Standings, Click here to return to the main page for tips on  "Using This Website".   

Last Updated:  December 23, 2010.