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Entering FCYBL Game Scores

Coaches can now enter scores directly into the website.  All passwords were distributed to League Reps on Dec 2nd. Please contact your league rep for your password.

Directions on Entering Scores
Click here to download a Word document with detailed instructions as to how to enter scores.  For returning coaches from the 2011-2012season, this is exactly the same approach for entering scores that was used last year.

Timing for Entering Scores
While the FCYBL rules provide that scores must be entered within 48 hours of the game, our goal is that every game score should be entered on the same day that the game is played.
Who Should Enter Scores
While the FCYBL rules provide that scores must be entered by both teams, the LeagueAthletics website only needs one coach to enter the score. 
  • The winning coach has the primary responsibility for entering the game score
  • The losing coach should review the posted score; the system does allow you to edit the score (see Handout) and so the score can be corrected if needed.
In the interest of getting scores posted as fast as possible, the losing coach may enter the game score.  So if the winning coach sees the score is already posted, she should then confirm the accuracy of the score and edit it as necessary.
Do NOT Use Comment Section of Scoring System
The LeagueAthletics scoring section does have a “Comment” section that can be accessed when editing (but not originally entering) a game score.

Team Websites Not Currently Accessible by Coaches
The LeagueAthletics websites do include a team webpage for each team and each team’s webpage can be viewed on the website.
Last Updated:  Dec 5, 2011.