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FCYBL All League Players
Most Valuable Players and Most Valuable Coaches
2010-2011 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 All League Players, MVPs and MVCs! 

Awards Banquet
The FCYBL will have a breakfast banquet to honor you on Sunday, March 6th from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM at the Waterford Banquet Center at Fair Oaks Mall.  All League Players and MVC's will receive a plaque and MVP's will receive a trophy. 

Each player is invited to the banquet along with their parents/ guardians - MAXIMUM of two.  Each MVC is invited along with their spouse/significant other.  

Please click here to RSVP for the banquet.  See you March 6th!

75% of All-League Players are New to All-League Team
There is just one repeat MVP winner, Chandler Wilder of Springfield, in the B11-1 division.   Only one coach, Clay Buckley of McLean, is a repeat winner as MVC. 

A total of 40 of the current year award winners repeated as these players also earned all-league or MVP honors last year -- 19 girls and 21 boys.  

With 200 all-league performers (including MVPs), 147 of which are in 11U, 12U and 13U/14U, this means that more than 70% of the all-league performers, including MVPs, are new winners this year; virtually all 10U players are new this season and so the 10U numbers are excluded from the analysis.  

E J Thomas
Girls Boys
10-Under Girls 10 Division 1

MVC -- Liz Reed, Arlington
MVP -- Julianne Ludwick, Annandale

All League:

Raven Butler, Vienna
Savannah Conner, Mercer
Natalia Diaz, Vienna 1
Patrice Dour, Arlington
Karlie Harman, Mercer
Sarah Kiel, Mercer
Kate Klimkiewciz, Vienna
Kirsten Knauf, Vienna
Kamryn Meador, Burke
Megan Nayak, Vienna*
Faith Stynchula, Turnpike

Girls 10 Division 2

MVC -- Katie Fudd, Arlington
MVP -- Carly Rivera, Arlington

All League:

Camryn Brusick, Southwestern
Jordyn Callaghan, Great Falls
Nicole Debayo-Doherty, McLean
Azzi Fudd, Arlington
Catherine Latessa, McLean
Peggy O'Neil, Arlington
Claire Roberts, Chantilly
Jezreel Reynolds, Braddock Road
Boys 10 Division 1

MVC -- John Fenning, Vienna
MVP -- Kalvin Bustamante, Mercer

All League:

Colter Carton, Great Falls
Braeden Johnson, Chantilly
Zachary Johnson, McLean
Vincent Lee, Chantilly
Michael Lowen, Arlington
Kendall McHugh, Vienna
Iain Muir, Great Falls
Thomas Riley, Arlington
Ryan Van Kirk, Arlington
Tanner Wall, Arlington

Boys 10 Division 2 North

MVC -- Jim Smith, Chantilly
MVP --
Drake Marshall, Gainesville

All League:
Austin Estridge, Gainesville
Nicholas Farahi, McLean
Deacon Grubbs, Great Falls
Benjamin Hawkins, Chantilly
Christopher Martin, Southwestern
William Mulquin, McLean
Christian Nguyen, Gainesville
Bryan Silver, Chantilly
Eli Thrasher, McLean
William Socas, McLean
Tyler Youk, Chantilly
Dalton Young, Mercer

Boys 10 Division 2 South

MVC -- Paul Freeborne, Springfield
MVP -- Seth Dunn, Springfield

All League:

Jason Boock, Annandale
Jared Lease, Springfield
Christopher Meza, Fort Belvoir
Christopher Ozgo, Arlington
Dillon Spalding, Springfield
Jaylen Wickliffe, Springfield
Ryan Wilder, Springfield
 11-Under Girls 11 Division 1

MVC -- J. Clay Buckley, McLean*
MVP -- Megan Miskell, Vienna

All League:

Vanessa Barlow, Falls Church*
Kenya Bliss, Falls Church*
Maeve Carroll, Vienna
Mary Clougherty, Chantilly*
Shea Daly, McLean*
Valentina Diaz, Falls Church
Sarah Lubnow, Falls Church
Summer Matlack, Arlington
Dominique Webster, Chantilly
Carolyn Ziegler, Southwestern

Girls 11 Division 2

MVC -- Paul Rauch, Chantilly
MVP -- Zakara Scott, Southwestern

All League:

Hilary Anderson, Chantilly
Isabela Cassell, Springfield
Kathleen Columbia, McLean
Sheryl Fox, Annandale
Autumn Hopson, Gainesville
Sarah Maxseiner, Chantilly 2
Karah Murphree, Annandale*
Kate Murphy, Turnpike
Hannah Ravesteijn, Vienna
Katerina Sniezek, McLean


Boys 11 Division 1

MVC -- Jeff Goettman,McLean
MVP -- Chandler Wilder, Springfield#

All League:

Monte Adadeye, Gainesville
Gavin Andersen, Arlington*
Christian Cleaveland, Arlington*
James Delaney, Arlington
Jay Goettman, McLean*
John Hiemstra, Chantilly
Alexander Huff, Mercer
Aaron Kim, Great Falls
Nicholas Miller, Arlington
Tommy Persinski, McLean*


Boys 11 Division 2 North

MVC -- Mike Rutherford, Burke
MVP -- William Rutherford, Burke

All League:

Aaron Galonis, Burke
Karl Holler, McLean

Jack Slade, McLean

Boys 11 Division 2 South

MVC -- Charles Chandler, Burke
MVP -- Elliot Johnson III, Springfield

All League:

Markos Eyob, Burke
Austin Gauthier, Burke
Robert Guenther, Falls Church
Tyler Jones, Burke
Connar Mulcahy, Arlington

Andrew Park, Burke
 12-Under Girls 12 Division 1

MVC -- Sue Noe, Braddock Road
MVP -- Shawnice Gresham, Southwestern**

All League:

Paige Galiani, McLean*
Alicia Gonzales, Arlington*
Jada Graves, Braddock Road
Maria Johnson, Braddock Road*
Carson Nizialek, Mercer
Madeline Reed, Arlington
Morgan Simpson, Falls Church
Alexandra Wendling, Chantilly*

Girls 12 Division 2

MVC --
Chip Gately, Fort Hunt
MVP -- Shannon Corridon, Fort Hunt**

All League:

Haley Blankinship, Braddock Road 1
Jasmin Clark, Gainesville
Maura D'Anna, Braddock Road 2
Adelaide Doherty, McLean
Mary Gately, Fort Hunt
Margaret Lohrer, Fort Hunt*
Priya Mani, Chantilly
Maddie Petersen, Vienna
Meghan Torres, Vienna
Lillian Weber, Turnpike
Boys 12 Division 1

MVC --
Chris Leggett, McLean
MVP -- Grant Robinson, McLean**

All League:

Devon Adams, Mercer*
Mebratu Ausink, Arlington
William Christy, Chantilly*
John Cunningham, Mercer
Justin Jiminez, Fort Belvoir
Christopher Murphy, McLean*
Jelani Murray, Vienna
Matthew Nguyen, Gainesville*
Kyle Phox, Springfield
Andrew Trainer, McLean

Boys 12 Division 2 North

MVC --
Brian Doyle, Southwestern
MVP -- Sean Hill, Reston**

All League:

Vishal Akula, McLean
Michael Bridgman, Gainesville
Mike Briody, Vienna
Brendan Doyle, Southwestern
Marvin Grunshie, Reston*
Hayden Lilek, Gainesville
Keagan McGinnis, Gainesville
David Prescott, Fairfax
Daniel Salamone, Great Falls
Alex  Simmons, Southwestern
Jack Tunstall, Mercer

Boys 12 Division 2 South

MVC -- Andrew Nickle, Falls Church
MVP -- Justin Ayanian, Falls Church

All League:

Peyton Bishop, Braddock Road
Samuel Coolidge, Falls Church
Ben Davenport, Lee District
Kyle Edwards, Braddock Road
Steve Hodges, Burke
Avery Myers, Fort Hunt
Andrew Niedringhaus, Turnpike
Juwan Todd, Lee District*
14-Under Girls 14 Division 1

MVC -- Craig Ballam, Chantilly
MVP -- Caroline Wakefield, Chantilly**

All League:

Noelle Brown, Southwestern
Katie Corrigan, Great Falls
Kate Delaney, Arlington
Kendall Hunter, Braddock Road*
Jasmine Kim, Turnpike
Kelly Koshuta, Vienna*
Gaites Layton, Turnpike*
Kayla Meador, Braddock Road
Marie Serfis, Arlington
Jasmine Whitney, Chantilly*

Girls 14 Division 2

MVC -- John Shroeder, Braddock Road
MVP -- Rachel Malinowski, Mercer

All League:

Linda Allworth, Chantilly 1
Marin Deutrich, Braddock Road
Grace Drahozal, Chantilly 1*
Katherine Horenstein, McLean 2
Monica Horinko, Southwestern
Cecilia Leone, McLean 2
Lauren Meyer, McLean 1
Laura Persinski, McLean 1
Sadie Shroeder, Braddock Road
Madison Zdebski, Fort Hunt
Boys 13 Division 1

MVC -- Richard Wilson, Turnpike
MVP -- Tyler Scanlon, Southwestern

All League:

Isaiah Buck-Lowman, Springfield
William Cosby, Turnpike*
Evan Gray, Chantilly*
Gregory Harris, Herndon*
David Liddle, Southwestern
Joshua Reaves, Herndon*
Jason Remy, Springfield*
Dalon Thomas, Mount Vernon
Cameron Vaughn, Chantilly*
Austin Vereen, Springfield

Boys 13 Division 2 North

MVC -- Darren Davis, Vienna
MVP -- Hamiduallah Zamani, Reston

All League:

Andrew Ashur, Vienna
Brandon Fogno, Reston
Prabhjot Ghuman, Southwestern
Blake Jepsen, McLean
Spencer Kalman, Reston
Michael Kardell, McLean
Corey Mahoney, Chantilly*
Isaac Mills, Chantilly
Grant Newsome, McLean

Zachary Pearl, Reston
Jake Salewski, Southwestern

Boys 13 Division 2 South

MVC -- Gavin Palmore, Gum Springs
MVP -- Ryan Lamb, Burke

All League:

Christopher Cheng, Fort Hunt
Griffin Jackson, Fort Hunt
Andrew Pastorino, Fort Hunt*
Matt Supko, Burke
Nathaniel Thatcher, Falls Church*


#  Repeat MVP winner. (B=1)
*  Earned All-League honors for 2009-2010 season. (G=14 / B=17)
**  Earned All-League honors for 2009-2010 season; not repeat MVP (G=3 / B=2)

Note:  If a repeat winner from last year is missing from this list, e-mail the FCYBL Webmaster at with the correct information.  


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